Author: Shelley Anne Wooderson Martin

Brew Responsibly

How to make the perfect cup of Coffee

Oh I know, you don’t need to read this. You already make a fantastic cup of coffee, better than anything you’ve had in a coffee-house. So stop reading this now.Of course if you actually prefer St@rb**ks brew to your own you are doing something wrong.

The most important ingredient in any cup of coffee is……… the water.
Yep. Not the coffee. There’s more water in a cup than coffee….. so what kind of water makes the perfect cup of coffee? The type of water you would drink (without aid of lemon or sugar syrup). The perfect coffee water is not too hard or two soft (minerals matter, too many or two few and your coffee will be off). Filtered or bottled water is good (but not distilled water or mineral water). If your tap water is drinkable and you don’t have a water softener for your house water use tap water, but let it run a minute or so before you fill your coffee pot.Also use cold water, or room temperature Never hot water.

Ok so now you’ve got the water, but it’s a little lacking in kick.Time for the coffee. You’ve bought some fabulous beans off this fantastic website you just found. Now what?

How are you brewing your coffee? This is the most important thing. Depending upon how you are planning to brew your coffee depends on what kind of grind you need for your beans. The right kind of grind is going to give you the right amount of extraction from your beans. Over-extraction gives you bitter coffee, under-extraction gives you dirty water.\The rule is that the faster you are going to brew the coffee the smaller the grind.\So espresso needs a fine grind, drip a medium grind, french press and percolator need a coarse grind.The exact grind can then be adjusted to your tastes, do you like your coffee with a little more of a bite or not.

Now we get to the coffee itself.The most important thing is to use the right amount of coffee for your brewing method.
For a standard auto-drip machine with a paper filter the general rule of thumb is 1-2 tablespoons for 6 ounces of water.So if you want to fill up a big travel mug and not use too much milk you’ll need a minimum of two tablespoons, but try it until it’s the coffee you like that you’d be willing to spend $3 on in a chain store. Most people never use enough coffee and can’t understand why their coffee is never as good as what they want.For specialized brewing methods, with a Moka pot or stove top espresso maker, french press or cold brew coffee maker see the directions for use under each system.

Don’t ruin a great roast with an inferior brewing method. Grind Responsibly
Learn how to brew with your:

French Press

How to Brew with a Moka Pot

So you bought an At-home, Espresso Moka Pot, Congratulations! You’re about to brew a beautifully smooth espresso.

  • Add filtered water to bottom compartment
  • place fine grounds into the seated coffee basket
  • screw together and place on low heat

You’ll notice 2 extra rubber seals for your pot. We estimate a seal will last at least 8-12 months with steady use.

The Moka Pot has 3 compartments:

The bottom compartment holds the pressure value. This is where you will add your filtered water. Some suggest adding pre-boiled water to speed up the process, but it is not needed. You still have to wait on the boiling water, so I don’t see the benefit when it comes to time. Fill to a little under the lip.

The Coffee Basket nestles into this section of the pot. It hold about 3-5 tsp of FINELY GROUND beans. Do not Tamper the grounds (do not pack them in). Keep them loose.

Screw on the top. The top compartment will house the espresso when it’s finished.

Place the Moka Espresso Pot directly on the your stovetop, or campfire grill. Brew on Medium Low. (Gas vs. Electric vs. Fire is an art) My electric stove top, I place on 3.5/4, but everyone’s is different. A smoldering post fire campfire is better then a flaming fire.  A slower boils allows the grind to open and seep.

You will hear the gurgling in about 5 minutes. When your little pot sputters or lays silent, your espresso is ready. If lifting the lid to check, PLEASE DONT LEAN OVER POT, She can spit at you.

Her handle can be very hot, so please use a pot holder to remove from flame and pour. Also, do not place the pot directly on a wood surface, it is highly suggested you place it on a hot pot stand.

Our Company

Thirty years ago when gourmet coffee was a scarcely known luxury Jennifer’s Coffee Connection opened in Studio City, California. Twenty years ago Shelley Martin took over the ownership of Jennifer’s serving its clients 180 different types of gourmet coffee either by the bean or by the cup. There Shelley learned her extensive knowledge of coffee, from different varietals to flavoring and proper brewing techniques. She then retired to Costa Rica, the home of coffee where she expanded her knowledge and visited coffee plantations and talked to growers and distributors. Shelley decided to come out of retirement to continue to spread her love of coffee, from quality brewing equipment to gourmet coffee blends she plans to help you find your perfect morning pick me up.

To help her in this enterprise Shelley enlisted the help of her friend and fellow coffee lover Daniella Young. Daniella as a young woman had spent time working at Jennifer’s, learning the love and appreciation of making a really good cup of coffee. Daniella has been a supporter in the Buy Fresh, Buy local movement in Pennsylvania and now as an internet marketing wiz-kid and professional photographer she signed on to help set up the online presence of Best Grinds. Daniella relishes the idea of offering the public products she can morally support – superior quality and value while also eco-friendly.