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Thirty years ago when gourmet coffee was a scarcely known luxury Jennifer’s Coffee Connection opened in Studio City, California. Twenty years ago Shelley Martin took over the ownership of Jennifer’s serving its clients 180 different types of gourmet coffee either by the bean or by the cup. There Shelley learned her extensive knowledge of coffee, from different varietals to flavoring and proper brewing techniques. She then retired to Costa Rica, the home of coffee where she expanded her knowledge and visited coffee plantations and talked to growers and distributors. Shelley decided to come out of retirement to continue to spread her love of coffee, from quality brewing equipment to gourmet coffee blends she plans to help you find your perfect morning pick me up.

To help her in this enterprise Shelley enlisted the help of her friend and fellow coffee lover Daniella Young. Daniella as a young woman had spent time working at Jennifer’s, learning the love and appreciation of making a really good cup of coffee. Daniella has been a supporter in the Buy Fresh, Buy local movement in Pennsylvania and now as an internet marketing wiz-kid and professional photographer she signed on to help set up the online presence of Best Grinds. Daniella relishes the idea of offering the public products she can morally support – superior quality and value while also eco-friendly.