How to Brew with a Moka Pot

So you bought an At-home, Espresso Moka Pot, Congratulations! You’re about to brew a beautifully smooth espresso.

  • Add filtered water to bottom compartment
  • place fine grounds into the seated coffee basket
  • screw together and place on low heat

You’ll notice 2 extra rubber seals for your pot. We estimate a seal will last at least 8-12 months with steady use.

The Moka Pot has 3 compartments:

The bottom compartment holds the pressure value. This is where you will add your filtered water. Some suggest adding pre-boiled water to speed up the process, but it is not needed. You still have to wait on the boiling water, so I don’t see the benefit when it comes to time. Fill to a little under the lip.

The Coffee Basket nestles into this section of the pot. It hold about 3-5 tsp of FINELY GROUND beans. Do not Tamper the grounds (do not pack them in). Keep them loose.

Screw on the top. The top compartment will house the espresso when it’s finished.

Place the Moka Espresso Pot directly on the your stovetop, or campfire grill. Brew on Medium Low. (Gas vs. Electric vs. Fire is an art) My electric stove top, I place on 3.5/4, but everyone’s is different. A smoldering post fire campfire is better then a flaming fire.  A slower boils allows the grind to open and seep.

You will hear the gurgling in about 5 minutes. When your little pot sputters or lays silent, your espresso is ready. If lifting the lid to check, PLEASE DONT LEAN OVER POT, She can spit at you.

Her handle can be very hot, so please use a pot holder to remove from flame and pour. Also, do not place the pot directly on a wood surface, it is highly suggested you place it on a hot pot stand.

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